Inspiring us to initiate something is a process of burning passion, great zest and even trading blood, sweat and tears just to satisfy someone’s question “Why do you have to do such a thing?” Then there is no answer, it’s simply a passion without reason.

Here is our story. At the dawn of the history, our cookies were born with a passion for baking of Ms. Bui Thi My Phuong, the founder of LaBay Food Technology Corporation in 2019 when the first simple breads were baked and left on plates in her kitchen, then to her family. All of these things are destined for LaBay’s establishment and well-prepared for market launch.

Ms. Bui Thi My Phuong came from a family working as a mechanic. On the contrary, she was gifted in art. She was intrigued by sparkling golden breads, which had driven her to learn how to make first cookies. There was ups and downs, failure and despair, she deliberately affirmed her position and reached to the decision to officially establish LaBay brand in 2018 to introduce her “spiritual child”.


With the flavor of elegance and gentleness, but characteristic feature of LaBay, we are devoted to strive to become the Vietnamese market leader.

We desire not only to take the cookies brand from Vietnam to the world and to affirm its brand among other international brands but also to improve the national brand value in oversea market.


We are created to be truly spiritual gift for the holiday seasons – a perfect expression of love to beloved.

Also, we represent the dynamic young people who are into creativity, discovery, learning and always assert themselves through each product line expressing their personalities.


We are a biscuit manufacturer which says “NO” to preservatives, food additives and flavoring substances. And we will NEVER be in opposition to our brand value.


Finally, please enjoy “our heartiness” all in the cookies that you are holding in your hands!